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on all orders over $50.00

Shipping & Returns

If you receive your items from us and are not completely satisfied for any reason, you may return your purchase within seven (7) days of receipt for a full refund less actual outbound shipping cost to your destination (not the Flat Rate shipping cost you pay), and a restocking fee of 20%. The customer is responsible for return shipping cost.

To begin the return process, please call 1-949-742-9171 or e-mail to file a claim or to return the item within seven (7) calendar days of the receipt of your order. You will be issued a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#), once the return request has been filed. You must include the RMA# when sending back the product.

Acceptable returned merchandise must be: unused in "new" or "like new" condition in its original packaging and crating materials not been installed or modified in any way accompanied by a Return Merchandise Number (RMA#)

Concealed Damages After receiving your shipment, you have seven (7) calendar days to inspect the product(s) and inform The Diecast Toy Store of any manufacturing defects or damages. Due to rough handling in transit, it is possible to damage the contents of a container without damaging the container itself. If such situation occurs, notify The Diecast Toy Store immediately for instructions on how to handle the claim. If a claim is to be filed, it is important to save the container that the damaged merchandise arrived in. We will require at least two clear pictures of any defects and/or damages to be either mailed or emailed to as evidence for any claim we may make aginst the freight carrier, and as a requirement to receive credit or replace merchandise. The Diecast Toy Store will repair or replace the damaged or defective product(s) for no additional charge witin 14 calendar days of notification by the customer, but if return is desired, a restocking fee of 15% will apply. If a replacement product is available for shipping within that period of time, a refund cannot be issued. If no replacement is available, the damaged product will be refunded in full. However, no replacements or refunds will be issued in the event where the customer fails to notify The Diecast Toy Store of the defective or damaged product within seven (7) calendar days of receipt.

Customers who refuse an item delivered by the carriers for any reasons other than externally visible damaged merchandise or our shipping errors, only the product purchase price minus any actual shipping costs to originally ship the product to your destination on "Flat Rate" shipping, return shipping costs, and a 15% restocking charge will be credited back.

Order Cancellations If you wish to cancel your order prior to shipment, payment will be fully refunded minus a 5% credit card processing fee. This is necessary to cover our costs incurred by the credit card processing agencies, which are non-reversible. Orders cancelled that were paid by cash or check will not incur this charge. Note that we consider your product to be "shipped" when it has been picked up from our warehouse by the freight carrier. After products are considered "shipped", cancellations are treated as returns.

Customer's Responsibilities when Returning Product It is the customer's responsibility to pack products for return in the original box with sufficient packaging materials and included the issued RMA#. The Diecast Toy Store will provide an estimated refund and will schedule to pick up the return shipment. Once we receive the return shipment, we will inspect and process any refunds due. Items damaged due to improper packaging during return shipment will not be replaced or refunded.

Products Damaged during Return Shipment If the product is damaged during shipment back to The Diecast Toy Store, no refund or credit will be issued if you choose to use your own shipping carrier. The Diecast Toy Store will notify the customer via email that the product(s) were received damaged and the product will be held for up to 30 days. It is the customer's responsibility to file a claim with the shipping carrier and instruct The Diecast Toy Store about the disposition of the damaged product(s). If The Diecast Toy Store has not received notification or response from the customer with 30 days, the item will be considered destroyed.